Mihai Dragomirescu

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” ~ Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Since 1999, experience in online business development, online marketing and product management – coordinated digital businesses and teams for startups, local companies, regional and multi-national corporations.

Since 2009, founder of UrbanKID, a positive parenting community that has grown to be a love mark amongst parents in Romania.

Happily self-employed since 2016. Currently organizing and promoting events that help people reach and maintain higher states of consciousness – with Romania Healing and co-creating a global healing directory with Samadhi.today. Host of “Cosmic Heart Conversations” , a Podcast that sits under Romania Healing and Samadhi.today.

Deeply in love with life, my kids Ioana and Iancu and my partner, Dana.


projects I developed for myself or for my clients

Romania Healing

Your consciousness gym

Organizer and promoter of events that help people reach and maintain higher states of consciousness. Middle-man between facilitators, retreat centers / venues and their core audience.

Visit site: romaniahealing.com


Know thyself. Trust the process.

Samsara consciousness guide. Join us in assisting awakening, globally. Be in Samadhi, today. Global healing directory: retreat centers, venues, events, facilitators, online courses and online healing sessions.

Visit site: samadhi.todayManifesto


The Visionary Art of Chris Isner

Emerging artist incorporates ancient wood carving technique that was shown to him in Amazonian Plant Teacher ritual bringing visions from a magical realm into material reality.

Visit site: isnervision.com


Positive Parenting Community

If one could improve the way we understand our children and raise them into the adults they should become, that could change the world. That simple.

Visit site: urbankid.ro

UrbanKID Family Retreats

Holistic family retreats and inspiring workshops in a eerie setting provided by Mother Earth. Reconnect with yourself, your kids and your partner. Activities planned with an open heart.

Heart Feather

Identity, web development & strategy

Heart Feather Journeys is the home of Medicine, Music, and Magic – Deeply shamanic journeys to other realms, both inside oneself and to sacred locations around the world.

Visit site: heartfeather.com

Sometimes I write here.
But more often on UrbanKID and Medium.

Let’s bring Jason Silva to Romania

I want to help bringing Jason Silva to Romania. The time is now. Let's show him that people want him here. Sign-up bellow, enter your ideas/suggestions and let's invite him (I already did). Romania is changing rapidly and higher consciousness is a hot topic more and...

Pentru Ioana, la 7 ani

Ioana, Azi ai împlinit 7 ani. Se zice că primii 7 ani "de acasă" sunt cei mai importanți. Acum simt că acești ani au fost transformaționali și pentru noi, părinții tăi. Să ne ierți dacă nu am fost niște părinți buni uneori, dacă nu te-am înțeles sau ne-am pierdut...

Auto market disrupted ✓ – Tesla Model 3

I am just going to leave this here for ˜2 years from now˜ myself. After the unveil of Model 3, on 31.03.2016, Elon Musk announced that reservations are now at 115.000. That translates in 115.000 people paying $1000 for a car they knew nothing about. Can you imagine...

Esther Perel on erotic intelligence

#bookmark “Perel’s ideas are … instantly familiar because they resonate deeply. It’s all rather terrifying in its intuitiveness and its pure rightness.” — The Observer (UK) Indeed they are. Maybe hard to watch as Esther is able to capture some quintessential truths...

The Other Letter

It's not about "having" time. It's about making time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ3ePGr8Q7k Current status: making time in Brașov, Romania.

#ColectivUnplugged – Show must go on

Am ajuns ieri seară în Piața Universității pe la 8 și nu mi-a venit să cred ce am văzut - erau cel puțin 300 persoane în jurul copacului - un cerc compact de oameni care cântau sub bagheta celor 10+ chitariști din centru. Nu îmi venea să cred ce amploare prinsese ceva...


România nu începe să se schimbe. România nu începe să devină mai frumoasă. Românii nu sunt diferiți, mai buni. Noi vedem lucrurile pe care nu le vedeam. Noi vedem frumusețea care nu credeam că mai există. Noi AM ÎNCEPUT să vedem oamenii mai buni. Mi se părea inutil de...

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Year 2015. In a tweet.

There's a guy in this coffee shop sitting at a table, not on his phone, not on a laptop, just drinking coffee, like a psychopath. — Jason Gay (@jasongay) September 22, 2015

Reprezinți un brand care vorbește cu părinții? Am ceva pentru tine!

Scrisoare deschisă către oamenii de publicitate (online) din România. Salut, Eu sunt Mihai. Poate ne cunoaștem sau poate habar n-ai cine sunt. De peste 16 ani mă preocupă online-ul iar de 6 ani și 4 luni sunt tată - motiv pentru care am simțit nevoia unui proiect...

Did Facebook really lose young people?

Wanna come over to MySpace and Twitter my Yahoo till I Google all over your Facebook? Check this video first: Post by Business Insider. Now, do we really think that Facebook staff did not conduct similar focus groups or done extensive research on what is interesting...

Uber in Romania

Hate something, change something In february 2012, before Uber or any other taxi/ride-sharing apps was succesfull in this part of the world - I wrote this article. I've been in contact with several taxi apps since then and was even discussing being part of a...

Why location based reminders ROCK

So you're working on something being 100% absorbed in what you do and receive a call from your significant other - "honey, can you grab X from Y store on your way back home tonight?". You know it's important but you are also pretty damn sure you are going to forget....

De-grinchifying Christmas

I've seen parents who proudly declared that they have stopped lying to their children about Santa and Christmas. There is no Santa, we are giving you the presents, and so on. Some also say that they have been traumatised in their childhood when they found out Santa is...

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook, I hereby acknowledge and understand that I am using your product freely and that I have agreed with all your terms and conditions (even if I did not read them) when I created my FREE account. I also understand that I voluntarily post content on your...

Când ai vorbit ultima oară cu ai tăi?

Nu am nici pe departe relația perfectă cu mama. Generation gap sau duelul orgoliilor, nu știu ce e dar clar nu e roz. Cu toate astea, subiectul alegerilor trebuia abordat - nu de alta dar dacă tot zice toată lumea că e important să mergem la vot, o fi ceva acolo. După...


Se pare că toată lumea vrea să mergem la vot pe 2 Noiembrie 2014. Ca niciodata au apărut o sumedenie de inițiative paralele care încurajează oamenii să iasă la vot. Și toate se proclamă a-politice, nu susțin niciun candidat - ne spun doar să mergem la vot. Eu o să...

Iancu’s first flight

My new born son will fly to Mars - December 4, 2014. (ok, only his name will)