Mihai Dragomirescu

Full-stack marketer with a soft spot for conscious community building.
Experienced product guy. Clarity aficionado.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” ~ Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Since 1999, experience in online business development, online marketing and product management – coordinated digital businesses and teams for startups, local companies, regional and multi-national corporations. Since 2009, founder of UrbanKID, a positive parenting community that has grown to be a love mark for parents in Romania. (re)Discovered a passion for conscious communities and currently helping shape one for 2Performant and awarenow.io.

Happily assisting small businesses all over the world in improving their relationship with technology. 

Deeply in love with life, my kids Ioana and Iancu and my partner, Dana.

Last updated: September, 2020

Things I participated in …professionally

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Online business grower, creative team builder and proud father. In 2009 I founded UrbanKid.ro – a positive parenting community that has become a love mark for Romanian parents. UrbanKid.ro won the 1st Prize for Publishing in Webstock Awards, in September 2011 and 1st Prize for Video the next year, at the same event.

Romanian national with 18 experience in actively building teams and launching & growing online products for – Oracle (ORCL), Central European Media Enterprises (CETV), Softwin and Getlokal. Working in different teams, spread across the globe but also managing my own team I have launched big scale news sites, television sites, the largest education centred community for teachers and parents in Romania, going-out website (Getlokal) present in 8 markets and product managed mobile apps for iOS and Android (Getlokal) coordinating development and design teams and aligning them to stakeholders vision, For Getlokal, after leading the switch to a mobile first company, I established a highly visible presence for the company in Romania, leading the growth in the digitial going-out sector.

I then coordinated development and launch of mobuy.ro, a socially curated eCommerce platform for millennials and then took on the challenge to help re-launch eJobs.ro website and mobile apps – the first and largest job board in Romania – from the double role of Brand Manager and Chief Product Officer.

September 2015. Left Bucharest and relocated to Brașov as the Marketing Director of ROUTE66 and General Magic – name with a great legacy in the tech world. My proposal to push Safety Lens, their main product, to Kickstarter led to a successfully funded campaign ($ 109,221.44).

Right before my 35th birthday I realised that my family is my most important job and decided to quit the corporate world and dedicate my time to my relationships, my kids and UrbanKID – our family business – a positive parenting community that help parents become more mindful about the uniqueness of their children and hence raise them with less traumas.

Before becoming a parent

April 2010 – October 2011: Online manager at Intuitext/Sofwin, where my team operates several high traffic education focused online communities dedicated to teachers, parents and kids and other education and eLearning online products. Intuitext is also leader in eLearning software – fun interactive teaching. Intuitext online products include: SuntParinte.ro, Didactic.ro, AdmitereLiceu.ro, ViitoriOlimpici.ro, magazin.intuitext.ro, Olimpiade.ro, CarePeCare.ro, GazetaMatematica.net, AnulMatematicii.ro

August 2009 – February 2010: Account Manager at HyperActive. I’ve worked for a couple of months with a start-up called Bakemono– Online Publishing and Development – great guys, good spirit, exciting plans.

November 2008 – May 2009: One of my most rewarding work experiences was during my 6 monthscontract in Sofia, Bulgaria – putting together the Internet Business Unit(IBU) of CME Bulgaria. CME owns PRO-TV family of stations in Romania. Achievements: Strategy and planning for starting up CME Internet business in Sofia, Bulgaria –TV2 & RingTV (Now PRO.BG and RING.BG). Hire IBU Team, coordinate with other countries, help them integrate within CME organization and other TV departments (journalists/editors, editor-in-chief, developer, designer); Launching 6+ websites in record time (3 months); Successfully dealing with a lot of cuts, crisis budget, etc; 1500% traffic and unique visitors increase on old websites.

Before CME I’ve worked 1 year with Orlando as a Business Development Manager at MediaPro Interactiv for a project that was killed before it had a chance to start. I landed at MPI after 3.5 years serving the Oracle PartnerNetwork Portal for the entire EMEA as a Senior Web Specialist.

I started as a freelance web developer and online business consultant, but more into graphic design and branding.


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