Mihai Dragomirescu

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” ~ Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Since 1999, experience in online business development, online marketing and product management – coordinated digital businesses and teams for startups, local companies, regional and multi-national corporations.

Since 2009, founder of UrbanKID, a positive parenting community that has grown to be a love mark amongst parents in Romania.

Happily self-employed since 2016. Currently organizing and promoting events that help people reach and maintain higher states of consciousness – with Romania Healing and co-creating a global healing directory with Samadhi.today. Host of “Cosmic Heart Conversations” , a Podcast that sits under Romania Healing and Samadhi.today.

Deeply in love with life, my kids Ioana and Iancu and my partner, Dana.


projects I developed for myself or for my clients

Romania Healing

Your consciousness gym

Organizer and promoter of events that help people reach and maintain higher states of consciousness. Middle-man between facilitators, retreat centers / venues and their core audience.

Visit site: romaniahealing.com


Know thyself. Trust the process.

Samsara consciousness guide. Join us in assisting awakening, globally. Be in Samadhi, today. Global healing directory: retreat centers, venues, events, facilitators, online courses and online healing sessions.

Visit site: samadhi.todayManifesto


The Visionary Art of Chris Isner

Emerging artist incorporates ancient wood carving technique that was shown to him in Amazonian Plant Teacher ritual bringing visions from a magical realm into material reality.

Visit site: isnervision.com


Positive Parenting Community

If one could improve the way we understand our children and raise them into the adults they should become, that could change the world. That simple.

Visit site: urbankid.ro

UrbanKID Family Retreats

Holistic family retreats and inspiring workshops in a eerie setting provided by Mother Earth. Reconnect with yourself, your kids and your partner. Activities planned with an open heart.

Heart Feather

Identity, web development & strategy

Heart Feather Journeys is the home of Medicine, Music, and Magic – Deeply shamanic journeys to other realms, both inside oneself and to sacred locations around the world.

Visit site: heartfeather.com

Sometimes I write here.
But more often on UrbanKID and Medium.

Our kids are not our own

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.” ― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas I’ve been blessed with a beautiful girl named Ioana. We did not choose her name, it was there when she...

Misunderstanding trademark, the iStyle way

A couple of Apple fans from Bucharest, Romania got together on a Facebook Event with the sole intent to organise a night out on September 9 - just to have some beers and watch the upcoming Apple announcements together. What a brilliant opportunity for a local Apple...

Online publishing censorship – Swiss vs. US

The difference between the swiss and american press. quite striking. pic.twitter.com/FJCb82IH5o — brandon sheffield (@necrosofty) September 2, 2014 This reminds of an old joke: Two pastors were out skinny dipping on the lake between the two villages they pastored....

Human happiness, first element of the environment

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCEgcd7G9Bg To all of the authorities present here, from every latitude and organization, thank you very much. Thanks to the people of Brazil and their Mrs. President. Thank you for the good faith undoubtedly expressed by all of the...

Romania, we already have that!

just realized today amazon fresh delivers to palo alto now? snaaaaaaaaaaaap. — tristan walker (@tristanwalker) August 28, 2014 ...and we already have that in Romania.

Short circuit the flow of money in media buying

I don't know about your country but in Romania absolutely every media agency or ad broker pays bloggers and publishers after they cashed in the invoice they issued to the advertisers. This *usually* takes in between 60 and 90 days after the campaign has ended. Maybe...

Remarket lost prospects, not clients!

So you go to site [X] that sells something. Next thing you know, everywhere you go on interwebs you get followed by the "smart" remarketing campaign of site [X] that tries to bring you back so you can swipe the card. Nothing wrong with that. Great technology. Great...

Is the Foursquare/Swarm split that bad?

In case you've seen an increase in the number of people you follow on Foursquare and you don't remember following new people - here's a possible explanation - all of your Swarm friends have been imported and you are automatically following them. Nothing unusual so far...

Hey Yo! What about us?

Every year in between 2009-2013 was the year of mobile, the year of responsive web and parallax effects or the year of video video - and looking at the recent app landscape - seems like 2014 and the next 2-3 years will the year(s) of messenger apps. iOS8 comes up in...

Bucharest – Divine chaos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrpwVDb5Dv4 Bucharest as seen by expats living here for a while....

Hup Holland Hup

I was Dutch for one day. On July 6th being at the festival with a Dutch friend I gave in the temptation of painting my face in the colours of the Dutch flag.   I got a bunch of interesting reactions: - one belgian guy (with BE t-shirt and face paint) stopped me...

Despre Getlokal in IQads (interviu integral)

Când cei de la IQads m-au întrebat despre Getlokal, nevorbit cum m-au găsit, am scris un roman, care evident ca nu avea niciun rost să îl publice integral că nu stătea nimeni să îl citească. Pentru curioși, redau integral materialul mai jos: Spune-ne cateva cuvinte...

Hello world!

Îmi fac curaj să renunț ușor ușor la nickname-ul de "webmyc". Singurul motiv pentru care nu am făcut-o deja este că mi se părea (@)mihaidragomirescu(.ro) prea lung. Acum încerc să mă obișnuiesc. Și să scriu - chiar dacă acum aș putea să o fac oriunde - pe...

Merci aux Français

Un clip absolut flatant pentru România narat într-o limbă la fel de frumoasă ca limba româna. Îl pun aici să-l vadă și Ioana când o fi mare. http://vimeo.com/73732098


Am primit o chestie simpatică astăzi de la TNT și mă gândeam că dacă aveți vreodată de livrat un copil la bunici sau o chestie cât mai năstrușnică ar fi bine să știți ca TNT o va livra gratis cu condiția să fie chiar o #livrarespeciala  ---> mail la livrarespeicala...

Stați liniștiți

Toată lumea să stea liniștită, să se încheie toate conflictele planetare și interplanetare - acum! Fiimea, cu privirea de mai sus, tocmai a declarat că iubește pe toată lumea de pe această planetă si de pe toate planetele până la zece infinte, la fel de mult. Ne-am...