I want to help bringing Jason Silva to Romania. The time is now. Let’s show him that people want him here. Sign-up bellow, enter your ideas/suggestions and let’s invite him (I already did).

Romania is changing rapidly and higher consciousness is a hot topic more and more these days, here. This year, at Sumiruna there where lots of people interested and coming to meet shamans and people like Dennis McKenna and Graham Hancock. A Jason Silva conference will help with the awakening of lots of people and will raise the vibration of our beautiful country.

I see it as a one day event focused on Jason and maybe other speakers and art installations and workshops from the same trip. For example, these guys would be brilliant:


Would you be interested in attending? Fill in the form bellow and I will let you know when it happens. Because it’s just a matter of when.

Make sure you also say yes on our crowdfunding campaign.


See one of Jason’s memorable talks: