Trying to keep the long story short – a bunch of cool gals and guys (yes, we are!) that run some of the coolest projects in their niche (Mixtopia, PamPam, Getlokal, Concert & Event Logistic, The Backline Shop, LivePro, – got together for one purpose – create the perfect working space.

We worked in corporate offices, multinationals, cafes and restaurants, homes, clients offices but enough is enough. We deserve our own office space and since we are 4 small teams it makes sense to group.

As we did not land any multimillion funding (yet!) we just rented a nice apartment in Bucharest, Romania – apartment that we need to decorate properly – to create the perfect environment for our creative output.

We can’t handle all the expenses on our own but we do provide great compensation if you are willing to help. We are happy to receive: advice, support, promo for our initiative and are ready to sign barter agreements with you if your company happens to have available anything that might fit our needs: office furniture and decorations, coffee, beer, water, video projector, internet plan, smart tvs, smartphones (for testing our apps), etc.

We will document everything, overshare and make everything that we know best to promote you on all our channels. The invaluable benefit is to join us and be part of this very unique project.

Like our project? Contact us (see last slide for contact details). A FB like also helps:

This is how Synergy Hub looks now: