So you go to site [X] that sells something. Next thing you know, everywhere you go on interwebs you get followed by the “smart” remarketing campaign of site [X] that tries to bring you back so you can swipe the card.

Nothing wrong with that. Great technology. Great results (sometimes). But why the flying ducks do you do it if I am already a customer and I already logged in into my payed account or ordered your product in the same day?

Fine, waste your money on the ad + on the salary of the marketing person that was too lazy to setup the remarketing cookie on all *RELEVANT* pages and remove it from irrelevant ones. Waste also 4s of my time (so I can skip the ad). Remember me? I was your happy client – it’s a great strategy to piss off paying clients. Way to go!

Now kiss yourself and go home, it’s already 6 PM, close of business day.