A couple of Apple fans from Bucharest, Romania got together on a Facebook Event with the sole intent to organise a night out on September 9 – just to have some beers and watch the upcoming Apple announcements together. What a brilliant opportunity for a local Apple reseller – you would say?

That’s what I said when I tagged all 3 of them asking if they would want to participate in our event somehow.

To my surprise the reaction came in the form of a report & private message that was completely mind-blowing:

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 18.43.23

In approximate translation they are telling me: “Hello, The good news is that you are not allowed to use our name without our permission so please either edit the post or delete it. Thanks, iStyle“.

Way to go iStyle! I truly hope you can allocate some small budget and do some social media for dummies training with your employees because when a community of fans wants your attention and you tell them not to use your name when asking you a question – something is definitely wrong.


cover photo source.

post written from a Macbook.