So you’re working on something being 100% absorbed in what you do and receive a call from your significant other – “honey, can you grab X from Y store on your way back home tonight?”. You know it’s important but you are also pretty damn sure you are going to forget. So …you set a reminder – but at what time will you be passing by store Y? Easy-peasy – set up a geo-fence, i.e.  a location based reminder that will pop-up when you enter the shop area. You can also define how big or small the radius area should be. Such wow! Much technology!

Now – if you step away from all this and contemplate – the fun fact (and this happens to me all the time) is that if you do all the steps described above there is no way you won’t remember that you went through all those steps and you will just stop at the store because you remembered all the steps you took to setup that brilliantly useless location based reminder.