“Perel’s ideas are … instantly familiar because they resonate deeply. It’s all rather terrifying in its intuitiveness and its pure rightness.” — The Observer (UK)

Indeed they are. Maybe hard to watch as Esther is able to capture some quintessential truths about our somewhat contradictory needs – the need for stability, safety, comfort, long-term partnership vs the need for exploration, discovery, adventure, novelty.

She gracefully gives voice to things we’ve been all thinking and feeling about relationships, fidelity, monogamy and the likes. Why do happy people cheat? How come we decide that our partner is the chosen one, the one that needs to be our romantic partner, confidant, best friend, intellectual equal, parent for our children and so on – that is a huge responsibility for only one person. What is monogamy – just a partner for your entire life or just one partner at a time?

Trust me – take 19 min + 21 min – and spend it with your loved one, watching the two videos bellow. It’s a shortcut to things you would realize by yourself with almost psychotropic intellectual effort.

Who knows, maybe we should invite Esther in Romania? She has a lot of fixing to do! 🙂