I am just going to leave this here for ˜2 years from now˜ myself.

After the unveil of Model 3, on 31.03.2016, Elon Musk announced that reservations are now at 115.000. That translates in 115.000 people paying $1000 for a car they knew nothing about. Can you imagine that happening for any other product?

Meanwhile, this happened:

232.000 orders x $42.000 average options mixed price = ˜$9.74B in projected revenues for Tesla in less than 2 days.

Tesla Model 3 is not even in production and it’s already the best selling electric car ever. Model 3 pre-orders surpassed sales for all electric cars in 2014 (120,000) and 2015 (115,000). Source.

To everybody who is still not following Tesla and thinks they they are doing something very niche and that they will fail eventually in front of gasoline car manufacturers, please stop. Here’s an accurate checklist of why people said electric cars won’t work. Today, all items on the list can be crossed.

EV checklist

Dakujem on Reddit

And this is not even scratching the surface. For $35.000 before incentives (that in some states go as high as $10.000) you get a full electric car that can be charged ANYWHERE there is electricity (which is only 10% the price of gasoline), a car that is low maintenance, has roughly more than 400 horse power, has all the hardware for self-driving and safety features, has the most amazing sunroof and so on.

Oh, did I mention you can also charge it FOR FREE in over 7.000 supercharger stations and over 15.000 destination chargers (end of 2017) FOR LIFE. Heck, this year they are even going to open up 3 supercharger stations in Romania!

Yes, the front of the car is not something our brains can process right now – because we are used to those ugly radiator grills, and yes the lack of odometer and the 15′ landscape touchscreen is a bit too minimalistic for the interior – but the more I look at the car, the more I love it.

Right now, if you think about spending $35.000 on a new car and you are not getting a Tesla, let me think that there is something severely wrong with your thought process.